Benvenuti to Villa Sant'Angelus

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Explore the story of our family and a 400-year-old Italian Villa

Our Story

Near the medieval town of Todi, the Villa boasts 400 years of history and 90 acres that produce our family's vino & olio

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From olive tree to olive oil


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Our story

Olive trees

Sant'Angelus has primarily frantoio olive trees with a small percentage of taggiasca. The olive trees also benefit from growing in clay loam soil, thriving in Canonica's hillside conditions.


Sant’Angelus encompasses 3.3 hectares (8 acres) of vineyards with excellent southern orientation. Sant'Angelus vineyards grow in clay loam soil, which produces some of the best and most complex wines in the world.


Situated atop the rolling hillsides of Canonica, Villa Sant’Angelus possesses an unparalleled view of the picturesque town of Todi.